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Donnerstag, 21.02. 2013: 
EINLADUNG zum 45. Neuen Berliner Salon am Donnerstag, den 21.02.2013 um 19:30 Uhr

Thema: Doppelleben: Ein Dokumentarfilmprojekt über Frauen mit HIV/AIDS von Susanne Ullerich, Melanie Berke, Special Guest: Marianne Rademacher (Deutsche Aids-Hilfe). 

Die Filmemacherinnen Susanne Ullerich und Melanie Berke stellen ihren Film und das dazugehörige Crowdfundingprojekt vor und diskutieren mit uns die Frage zum weiblichen Umgang mit langjährigen HIV-Erkrankungen.

Der Eintritt ist kostenlos

UBahnhalt Prinzenstr., Pinkfassade, U1 oder Bus 140. 
Ort: Büro/Galerie „Komet“, (Agentur „Bees & Butterflies“) Prinzenstr. 7, 10969 Berlin- Kreuzberg, 
Wir freuen uns auf einen spannenden Abend mit euch, Carola Muysers, Susanne Ullerich und Melanie Berke!

Januar 2013
Wir freuen uns, von der Gemeinnützigen Stiftung Sexualität und Gesundheit („GSSG“ ) so unterstützende Worte zu bekommen: 
Zitat: "Offen über Leben mit HIV zu reden, ist unerlässlich bei der Aufklärung über HIV. Dass „Doppelleben“ Frauen dazu ermutigt, freut uns sehr!"


We are pleased to get such supportive words from the Foundation Sexuality and Health (“GSSG”):
Quote: "To talk open about living with HIV is essential in educating about HIV. That "Doublelife" encourages women makes us very happy! 

Artikel in DHIVA 12/2010


2. Dezember 2010

The Double Life Association wins the BKK VBU „Family Heart“ award for 2010

The documentary film project “Double Life – Women with HIV/AIDS” has won the BKK VBU Family Heart 2010 award. The prize ceremony took place December 2, 2010.

Ein Herz für Frauen mit HIV/Aids 

Das engagierte Dokumentarfilmprojekt „DOPPELLEBEN – Frauen mit HIV/Aids“ ist Preisträger des BKK VBU Familienherz 2010. Die Verleihung fand am 2. Dezember statt.

Webseite Verein familienherz e.V.

ExBerliner Magazine 1 Dec. 2010
"Fighting HIV/AIDS the Berlin Way"

...But AIDS is not a one-day disease. And on December 2, local filmmakers Susanne Ullerich and Melanie Berke will receive an award for their upcoming film, Double Life, exploring the difficulties of women living with HIV and AIDS. Following the central character Lena and her 25-year struggle with the illness, the film addresses the often silent struggle of women with AIDS (1,300 women currently live with AIDS in Berlin according to the Robert Koch Institut).

Ullerich and Berke first encountered Lena in a shared backyard, shared stories and quickly became friends. And the idea for the film was born.

Lena’s quarter-century battle with HIV/AIDS is different from the usual story because she has been raising her now 22-year-old daughter simultaneously. Her daughter does not have the illness, but social stigmas and prejudices have forced them to live in a closet, keeping the truth a secret, causing a double life.

Lena would love to publicly fight for better research, better care, but protecting her daughter from discrimination and isolation always takes priority. The double life is a burden, but a necessary shield in a society still blighted by misunderstanding and fear.

Double Life uses interviews with doctors, philosophers, social workers and people with AIDS to dissect society’s lasting reluctance to understand and accept the realities of AIDS. Lena may not reveal her face in the final cut of the film, but that only increases the universality of the message. People with AIDS are not on the outer fringes of society, they are as much a part of society as anyone else.

The BBK VBU Family Heart award will be given to Ullerich and Berke for their efforts to raise awareness of the struggles women and children endure when dealing with AIDS through their film and their Double Life Association. Shooting for Double Life wrapped recently, with post-production expected to last until early next year. The 45-minute documentary is slated to be screened in May 2011...